The Houston Chinese Consulate no longer accepts documents mailed in (or shipped via FedEx or UPS) for authentication. ALL documents must now either be submitted in person or by authorized courier. Any documents shipped directly to the Consulate will be returned to the sender unopened.

Do NOT Remove Staples

The Houston Consulate requires that all documents be submitted intact. This includes the original document with the notary statement, the county certification (if required in the document's originating state), and the state certification.

  • Once a document has been state certified, it becomes official and it is very important that it be kept intact. Once official, there can be no indication that the document has been tampered with or modified.
  • The Consulate also requires that you submit a plain paper copy of each document.
  • While our clients never tamper with a document intentionally, we do sometimes notice that people will remove staples after the county and/or state seals have been applied to make it easier to copy. Unfortunately, the Consulate staff considers this the same as tampering and they will NOT accept or authenticate documents where staples have been removed and then re-applied to allow for easier copy making.
  • When a document is no longer intact, the only remedy is to re-do the entire document. In other words, you will need to create a new original document and take it through the notarization, county and/or state certification process again.
  • The best way to make copies of an official document is to copy all of your original documents BEFORE getting them county and/or state certified. As you receive the certifications back from the county and/or state, carefully copy just the certification page without removing any staples and then attach the certification copy with the corresponding copy of the original document.
  • When making the document copies, please make them single-sided. The Consulate will NOT accept double-sided copies.

Document Aging Policy

The Houston Consulate enforces an aging policy for all documents. Any document older than six months (calculated at 180 days from the date that the original document was signed - not the notary date) will be returned without authentication.

The only exceptions to this policy are birth certificates and marriage licenses which can be older; provided that the state has certified the document within the past six months.

No White Out!

The Houston Consulate will no longer accept applications or authentication documents where White Out liquid or tape was used to make corrections. The proper way to make a correction is to draw a line through whatever needs to be changed, hand write the correct information using blue ink, and then initial each place where a correction was made.


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