China Visas

Congratulations! Traveling to China is a wonderful experience. When you arrive, you will find friendly people, modern cities with amenities comparable to those in the west, and beautiful scenery throughout the country.

Applying for a China Visa has become somewhat more complex in recent years. Don’t worry though, we will work with you and guide you through the process.

All applications for a Chinese visa must be submitted in person or by visa service. Applications sent to any Chinese Consulate by mail or express delivery service will be returned to the sender.

IMPORTANT! As of 3/25/13, the Chinese Consulates in the United States became jurisdictional and will only process visa applications from residents who reside within the assigned geographic districts of each Consulate. The Houston Consulate will now process visa applications only from residents of the following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Each applicant over the age of 18 must include a copy of his or her driver's license with the visa application.

For a list of the other Chinese Consulates and the states within their jurisdiction, please see our Consulates & Couriers page.


Completing the Visa Application Form:

One thing that often confuses people is that each Chinese Consulate in the United States has its' own variation on the visa application form. While there is much in common between the forms, there are differences. The differences may seem subtle but they are important. The Houston Consulate will reject the forms used by the other Chinese Consulates. Please download and use the form provided on either our Tourist Visa page, Business Visa page, or our Work/Student Visa page.

Also, in 2012, the Houston Consulate decided to accept only application forms that have been typed and completed online before being printed – so please do NOT send a hand-written form. Instead type all of your information into the Houston Consulate application form BEFORE you print and sign it.

Review everything on the application carefully to make sure it is free of errors. You may not erase or "white out" errors on the printed application. If corrections need to be made, you must complete a new application. Any strikeouts or other obvious corrections on the form will result in rejection by the Consulate officials.

Click here for general Visa Questions & Answers.


Holiday and Vacation Closings:

My China Docs will be closed for vacation on Thursday, March 15th and Friday March 16th, 2018.

The links below will take you to either our Tourist Visa, Business Visa, or our Work/Student Visa page where you will find more specific instructions for the visa you need.

If you need a work visa, use the Business Visa page as a general guide and then contact us for additional instructions.

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