Document Authentication Services at the Houston Consulate

Normal processing time for documents brought to the Houston Chinese Consulate by courier service is 4 to 5 business days.

Consulate Fees for Authentication & Notarization

Category: Fee: Example Documents:
Personal $25.00 Adoption, personal power of attorney, marriage, birth/death status, kinship, divorce certificates, single-status statements, school diplomas.
Corporate, & Legal $50.00 Business license, articles of incorporation, certificates of formation, bank letters, trial exhibits, annual reports, business-related power of attorney, and other business, corporate, or legal documents.

If you need a faster turnaround time, expedited service is offered.

Expedited Service:

Expedited, next business day, service is usually available for documents brought to the Consulate either in person or by courier. Please note however that during times when the Consulate is short on staff, they may not be able to provide expedited service.

The table below summarizes the different types of service and related fees.

Consulate Service and Fee Comparison - Personal & Adoption Documents:

Turnaround: Normal Document Fee: Plus Rush Fee: Equal Total Fee Per Document:
Expedited Next Business Day $25.00 + $20 $45
Normal - 4 Business Days $25.00 n/a $25

Special Note for Families Working on Adoption Documents:

The adoption dossier that you prepare for China will contain 12 or more individual documents. Obviously, the most economical approach is to have as many documents authenticated at the normal fee as possible. What I often do is make one trip with the bulk of a family's documents to be processed at the normal rate and then, if necessary, make a second trip with any late documents (typically the I-171H or I-797) to be processed on a 24-hour rush.

For most families this strategy saves anywhere from $200 to $300 in Consulate rush fees.


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