My China Docs Service and Fees

For your fee, the day your original documents arrive I carefully review each one and make sure that everything is O.K. I check your application, make corrections where needed, verify that dates on each document are correct, and that notarizations and state certifications have been done properly. Finally, I assemble your documents into the order preferred by the Consulate. This allows them to approve the documents and complete the authentications quickly.

In recent months, the Consulate staff have been enforcing document requirements very strictly. Reviewing your documents allows us to identify and correct any potential problems before they result in delays at the Consulate.

The following business morning, I take your original documents to the Consulate and submit them to the appropriate officials for processing.

On the scheduled pick-up date, I will drive back to the Consulate, and:

  • Pick-up all of the documents
  • Check and make sure that the Consulate properly authenticated each document.
  • Place the documents in the desired overnight shipping pack.
  • Return the documents via FedEx or UPS.

My China Docs Service Fees:

Personal and adoption documents are not as complex to review and process – particularly in comparison to corporate or legal documents. Consequently, we are able to charge less for personal and adoption documents.

We charge a $75 minimum fee for up to 2 personal or adoption documents. After the minimum, the fees are:

  • $95 for 3 or 4 documents,
  • $115 for 5 or 6 documents,
  • $135 for 7 or 8 documents, 
  • $155 for 9 or 10 documents,
  • $175 for 11 or 12 documents,
  • $195 for 13 to 14 documents,
  • $215 for 15 to 16 documents,
  • $235 for 17 to 18 documents, and
  • $255 for 19 to 20 documents.

Note: If you need more than 20 documents authenticated, please e-mail us for pricing information.


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