My Service and Fees

For your fee, I carefully review your documents and make sure that everything is O.K. before taking them to the consulate. I then take them to the Consulate and submit them to the appropriate officials for processing. When they are turned in, I will e-mail the scheduled pick-up date to you (provide you let us know your e-mail address).

On the scheduled pick-up date, I'll return to the Consulate, and:

  • Pick-up all of the documents.
  • Check and make sure that the Consulate properly authenticated each document.
  • Place the documents in the overnight shipping pack provided by the client.
  • Drive the overnight package to an approved FedEx or UPS pick up location for return to you.

My fees are:

We charge a $60 minimum fee for 1, 2, 3, or 4 documents. After the minimum, the fees are:

  • $75 for 5 documents
  • $90 for 6 documents
  • $105 for 7 documents
  • $120 for 8 documents
  • $135 for 9 documents
  • $150 for 10 to 14 documents
  • $175 for 15 to 19 documents
  • $200 for 20 to 24 documents
  • $225 for 25 to 29 documents.

Note: If you need more than 29 documents authenticated, please e-mail us for pricing information.