China Missions

Records indicate that the Christian Gospel was carried to China perhaps as early as the 5th century.  Despite frequent misunderstandings, mistakes, and pitfalls, the Gospel message is still being spread today.  Conservative estimates are that there are over 10 million Christians in China today.

Here are links to a variety of Christian and non-sectarian charitable organizations serving China today.

Amity Foundation

Created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians, Amity promotes education, social services, health, and rural development from China's coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west.  Amity sponsors many English teachers in colleges, schools, and universities throughout China.  

China Partner

Serves the church in China by training emerging Christian leaders and pastors.  They operate a seminary in Shanghai and leadership training schools in other provinces.  Check out their leadership training project in Jiangxi Province.

Philip Hayden Foundation

The Philip Hayden Foundation runs two excellent children's villages in China.  We visited their Shepherd's Field village in Langfang City during our 2006 China Heritage trip.  This village hosts the "Hands of Hope" wall built by families with children adopted from China to honor all of the China's children.  Click here to see photos from our visit.

Half the Sky Foundation

Founded by China-adoptive parents, non-sectarian Half the Sky Foundation provides assistance to Chinese orphanages to make sure that the children receive love, active stimulation, and education.


Hong Kong:

Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Youth With A Mission runs a large discipleship training school in Hong Kong.  YWAM also offers a variety of ministry opportunities for sharing the Gospel in Hong Kong.

The Vine Christian Fellowship

One of the largest English-speaking churches in Hong Kong, the Vine Christian Fellowship offers ministry to a wide variety of diverse groups.



Hudson Taylor

Founder of China Inland Missions, Hudson Taylor felt called by God to the mission field very early in his life.  Arriving in Shanghai in 1854, Taylor worked with other Christian missionaries in the "treaty port" cities.  He soon discovered that  the Christian gospel had barely penetrated the vast provinces in China's interior.  This article does an excellent job of telling how Taylor overcame each trial through faith to establish churches throughout China's interior provinces.