China News

Here are links to several sources for news from China and the Asia-Pacific region.


South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post is Hong Kong's English language newspaper.  The site offers excellent coverage of events in Hong Kong and on the mainland.  Unfortunately, access to most of the website is by subscription only ($249 HKD, $32 USD).  However, their coverage of Hong Kong and China events is worth the fee. 

China Television English Channel

As an agency of the Chinese government, China Television (CCTV) reflects and advocates the government's viewpoint on issues.  The website is valuable for stories about life in China's provinces and for excellent city profiles.

China Daily

The Chinese version of USA Today, China Daily is the print companion to CCTV.  As with CCTV, China Daily represents the viewpoint of the Chinese government.  While national in scope, the website tends to specialize on Beijing.  For a flavor of what's happening in China's capital city, check our the Beijing Weekend link.  Also good stories about the 2008 Olympics.

Guangdong Online

This English language site provides information on events in Guangdong Province - particularly in Guangzhou.  

Shanghai Star

Residents of Shanghai have often been described as having a distinct culture about which they are quite proud.  See why they are proud by reading the Shanghai Star.

Time - Asia Edition

Time Magazine's Asia edition offers coverage of the entire region.  Stories often focus on China.

BBC News Asia-Pacific

The British Broadcasting Corporation's World Service has a website that reports on events in Asia.  As with Time, the BBC reports feature China frequently.