Medical Links

Naturally, one of biggest concerns of any parent is the health of the children available for adoption.  The links below will provide information about the health of Chinese orphans, suggestions on what tests to have performed after you return from China, and recommendations on what medications to take with you when you go to China.

Families with Children from China (FCC) did a terrific job in collecting this information and many of the links below will take you directly to specific pages on their website.


MD List

A list of medical doctors that have experience with adopted Chinese children

Health of Children Adopted from China

A medical journal article by Dr. Traister assesses the overall health of Chinese adoptees. 

Health Status of Adopted Chinese Orphans

Summary of data from the University of Minnesota's International Adoption Clinic by Dr. Dana Johnson.

Texas Children's Hospital International Adoption Clinic

The International Adoption Clinic at Houston's renowned Texas Children's Hospital.  The clinic offers pre- adoption screenings of your referred child's medical reports as well as full post-adoption medical evaluations.  Clinic staff works with all countries participating in international adoptions. 

Growth Charts for Chinese Children

Charts show Chinese norms for height and weight.  Worth printing and keeping to share with your child's pediatrician.


Helpful article by an adoptive mom about her Chinese daughter's experience with scabies.

Medical Testing Recommended for International Adoptees

Recommendations by Dr. Borchers on tests that your pediatrician should consider for your child. 

An Open Letter to Pediatricians

Letter for you to give to your pediatrician explains the rationale behind Dr. Borchers recommendations on adoptee medical issues.

Mongolian Spots

Helpful article on Mongolian spots.

Open Letter to Families with Children from China

Dr. Jerri Ann Jenista explains some of the medical issues observed in children from China.

International Pediatric Health Services

Dr. Jane Aronsen's website contains a lot of good information on international adoptees.

A Pediatrician's View

Dr. Nancy Hendrie's perspective on the health of children adopted from China.