Adoption Links

In our Links collection, you will find links to:

  • Many International Adoption Agencies that have established China programs
  • Web sites that contain information about Chinese art, language, and culture
  • China news and travel information
  • All kinds of China shopping
  • Various government agencies
  • Adoption-related listserves
  • Adoption magazines and e-zines
  • Medical information related to international adoption

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Please keep in mind that inclusion of a link to any organization, business, or service is NOT an endorsement.  These links have been provided to help families find useful information related to international adoption.  We do not accept fees for inclusion of links.  Any comments that we make regarding a link are our opinions only.  Others may agree or disagree.

Finally, we do not include links to sites that employ pop-up ads, attempt to take control of your web browser, show flash movie introductions without providing the opportunity to bypass, or engage in any other irritating practices.  Let's keep the web enjoyable for everyone.