Work & Student Visas

Persons going to China to work in China or to study in China are required to obtain the appropriate visa. The work visa (Z Visa) or student (study) visa (X Visa) has specific requirements. To obtain a work or student visa will require that the business, government office, or school that is sponsoring you provides assistance. You will not be able to obtain the visa without their active support.

Initially, a work or student visa is valid for a single entry to China and then only for 30 days. Before that 30 day period expires, you will need to report to the appropriate public security office in China to register and have the visa extended. Once extended, the visa will allow you to enter China.

The location and even the name of the office varies from one Chinese province to another, so you will need to rely on your sponsoring organization to help you find the correct place to report.

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