Visa Services

For your fee, the day your visa application arrives I carefully review it and your passports to make sure that everything is O.K. If there are any potential problems, I will notify you right away. After completing the review, I assemble everything in the order preferred by the Consulate. This allows them to approve your application and issue the visas quickly.

The Houston Consulate now enforces visa requirements very strictly. Reviewing your application allows us to identify and correct any potential problems before they result in delays at the Consulate.

The following business morning, I take your visa application to the Consulate and submit it to the appropriate officials for processing.

On the scheduled pick-up date, I will drive back to the Consulate, and:

  • Pick-up your visas.
  • Check and make sure that the visa matches the dates, terms, and conditions requested.
  • Place the completed visa(s) and passport(s) in the overnight shipping pack provided by the client.
  • Deliver the overnight package to an approved FedEx or UPS pick up location for return to the client.
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