Items You Will Need:

For any type of visa, you will need to submit a completed and signed visa application form. As of 8/1/13, the Consulate will only accept the new visa application form. You can open and download an Adobe Acrobat© version of the form using the following link:

New 2013 China Visa Application Form

You may also download and print the following instructions for completing the China visa application:

Instructions for Completing China Visa Application

You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader to open the form. Click on the Adobe graphic to download a free copy of Acrobat reader.

download Adobe

In addition to your completed, and signed, application you will need the following:

  1. A valid U.S. passport for each person traveling. Three of the inside visa pages must be blank and the passport(s) must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel date.

    In addition to the actual passport, please include one plain paper copy of the photo/signature page.
    If you need to obtain or renew your U.S. Passport, click here to link to the State Department's passport page.

    Note: Each passport must be signed. Adults and older children should always sign their own passports. The signature should match the name on the passport. For children who are too young to sign their own passports, a parent may sign on their behalf using this format: "child's name by parent's name (relationship)."

    Important! Always make and retain for your records a photocopy of the signature/photo page from each passport.
  2. One passport style/size color photo of each person traveling.  The photo must show the person's full face against a white background.  As of 12/1/16, the Consulate has been rejecting applications where the photo submitted was taken against a blue, beige (or any other color) background.
  3. One copy of each applicant's driver's license.
  4. If employed, a brief, 2 to 3 sentence job description typed on a separate piece of paper.  A general description is sufficient.  Each person employed must submit a separate sheet with their own job description.
  5. For a work visa, a work permit from the company, government office, or educational institution in China that will provide employment for you. This is sometimes called the “Z” form. It is issued in China and should have a red circle stamp on it to attest to its’ authenticity. The red circle stamp is the rough equivalent of a notary stamp in the U.S.

    For a student visa, an invitation letter from the school that you will attend in China. This is sometimes called the “JW202” or “JW203” from. It is issued in China and should have a red circle stamp on it to attest to its’ authenticity. The red circle stamp is the rough equivalent of a notary stamp in the U.S. The form should identify the person being invited by name.
  6. A money order made out to "Consulate General of the P.R.C. in Houston." You may combine the Consulate fees for all of the visas you need onto a single money order.

    The Houston Consulate accepts payment by money order only. As of 1/4/07, the Consulate no longer accepts company checks.

    The Consulate fee per visa for normal, 4-5 working day processing is:
    Consulate Fee for Chinese Visa - Normal Service
    Number of Entries Note: The fee for all visas is $140, regardless of the number of entries requested. Almost all visas as issued are valid for 12 months and allow multiple entries within that period.
    Multiple 12 Month
    (Almost all Visas are now issued for multiple entries for a 12-month period.)

    Note: The Houston Consulate no longer offers rush, expedited, or"Next Business Day" service for visa applications.

  7. A prepaid, self-addressed FedEx or UPS letter pack so that we can ship the passport(s) and visa(s) back to you.

    Make shipping easy - set up an account with FedEx. Click this link to find out how.
  8. A check for our service fee of $45 per visa for normal service. Please make the check payable to "My China Docs."

    My China Docs Visa Service Fee
    Number of Visas Normal Service
    (4-5 Business Days)
    Expedited Service
    (Next Business Day)
    1 $45 Discontinued by the Houston Chinese Consulate - No longer available.
    2 $90
    3 $135
    4 $180
    5 $225
    6 $270

Please e-mail or call us if you have questions about the type of visa that you will need.

For e-mail, please use:

By phone, please feel free to contact me at 832-368-1844 between:

  • 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM

Central Time, Monday through Friday. I'll be happy to help in whatever way I can.

You may also send us a fax message at any time at 832-201-8175.


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